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Essential Tools for the Home: Introducing 19 Must-Have Items

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Having some tools in all homes is essential and necessary; on the other hand, having other titles depends on the user’s needs and will be a kind of helper for him in some situations. But experience has shown that all home users have benefited from having the tools introduced below in personal and general use in different situations of life. So we also recommend that you have all of them in your home.

Best home Essential tools list


The tape measure is undoubtedly one of the most important tools on the Household tools list. Meters are used to measure different distances and are available in lengths of 3 meters to 10 meters. A metal or plastic case and frame contains a coiled metal tape with centimeters and inches printed on it. By pulling out the metal tape, the desired amount of it comes out and by releasing it, the tape returns to its place in the case. It is very easy to work with a meter and is used to measure for the installation of various objects on the ceiling, wall, etc.


The second most widely used item on Household tools list in the home is various hammers. A hammer is a relatively heavy tool made with a plastic, wooden, or metal handle and a large, steel head. It is used for striking and pounding on various surfaces, nails, etc. Hammers have different hitting power and weight like 250 grams to 1 kilogram and are diverse in appearance; both sides of the hammer head are used for striking, but one of the most useful tools in the house is the claw hammer. One end of this hammer has a metal fork that is very useful for removing nails, screws, and so on.

3. Drill

It is safe to say that the only electrical or power tool that the title of a suitable home tool completely fits is a drill. These tools are a powerful device for drilling and or fast fastening and loosening screws on wood, plastic, metal, and wall. Electric and cordless drills are available in the market with chuck wrench or automatic chuck and their three-jaw size is also 6 mm, 10 mm or 13 mm. The larger the three-jaw size, the larger the drill bits will fit on it and the more powerful the drill will be.

In addition, drills are often made in 2 types of simple and hammer; the simple type is not suitable for drilling on walls and ceilings; but the hammer type with the help of a hammering mechanism during operation can drill walls, plaster, cement, etc. better and easier.

Any adult with a little mastery and concentration can work with these drilling devices, but to work with a drill, you must first know what type of surface you want to drill. Because wood, metal, and diamond wall drill bits are different and you should use the appropriate bit.

The second point is that you should choose the appropriate hole size for your installation project according to the bit size, which is available in the market with a diameter of 1 mm to 13 mm. The cordless drill also has the ability to quickly and professionally fasten screws on various objects. Assembling, installing shelves and cabinets, screwing on wood, metal, and wall in the house with a cordless drill will be very enjoyable and fast.

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4. Ladder

The next thing comes to a tool that many people forget to get and constantly borrow from neighbors! … New generation ladders are made of metal and foldable and are available in height and multiple steps. That’s why if you have a small apartment and need a small ladder with a low height of say 3 steps, or if you want a taller ladder up to even 7 steps, you have your hand open to choose any model. In addition, these ladders are easily folded and can be stored in any corner of the yard, terrace, and inside the house.

5. Screwdriver

The next Household tool and companion of every person in the house is undoubtedly a screwdriver. This simple tool has a handle and a rod with a usually four-way or two-way tip that is used to fasten various screws. Screwdrivers are very diverse in terms of tip size and tool length in the market.

To work with a manual screwdriver, you need to choose the right tip size for the screw; then place the tip on the screw grooves and turn it completely firmly and in control to the left or right so that the screw is opened or closed. A short-handled or manual screwdriver is suitable for doing work in a tight space, and longer and more powerful screwdrivers are used for loosening and tightening larger and tighter screws.

In addition, there are also thin watch screwdriver and impact screwdriver models on the market. The watch screwdriver is for very small screws and repairing watches, digital devices, glasses, etc.

The impact screwdriver, however, is a large-scale model of these hand tools that has a metal impact-resistant piece at the end.


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6. Phase meter

A phase meter, although it looks like a two-headed screwdriver, has a function other than screwing. This small tool is used to test the electrical current in a socket, wire, light bulb, and so on. The phase meter has a LED or neon lamp inside its body that will turn on if the tip of the tool is connected to the current and electrical wire. When working with a phase meter, you need to put the metal tip of it (while your hand does not touch the metal part) to the wire and electrical connection and check if the internal lamp of the phase meter turns on or not. If the answer is yes, then that wire has electricity.

7. Scissors

A carpet knife or scissors is a very sharp tool for easy cutting of various carpets, paper, cardboard, and cartons and more in the home. Scissors come in narrow and wide types and their blade length will also be different and work like a knife. Their stainless steel blades are usually housed in a plastic or metal frame, and the tip of the blade comes out to the desired length of the user in a rail-like manner for cutting. Be careful of the sharp part of the blade when working with scissors!

8. Pliers

Pliers are also among the necessary tools in the house, of which three famous pliers, pliers, wire cutters, and thin nose are among this group. All three of these tools have a pair of handles and a steel jaw, are made with a length of 10 to 20 centimeters, but have different uses. Pliers are used to hold, pull, or twist various objects such as nails, screws, wire, sheet metal, sheet metal, and so on.

Wire cutters are naturally used to cut and cut various electrical wires in different conditions, and the way to work with them is very easy. The jaw of the wire cutters is sharp and powerful, but you should not use it to cut miscellaneous materials other than electrical wires.

Thin nose also does the job of picking up and removing various parts and equipment, but due to its narrow tip, it can enter into cracks, gaps, and tight spaces.

9. Tool box

You need a special tool to keep all of these tools. A plastic or metal tool box is one of the best options for storing tools in the home and workplace. Tool boxes are made in different sizes such as length 20 centimeters to 50 centimeters and height low and high. In addition, the toolbox may be 1-story, 2-story, or 3-story. The metal tool box has a strong body and has a very long service life, but the plastic toolbox, despite having a weaker body than metal, is much lighter and has less weight.

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10. French wrench

It can be said that the only wrench that is widely used in the home is the French wrench. This tool, in small and large sizes, has a handle and a jaw and adjustable opening with a one-piece and steel body. It is used to loosen various hexagon nuts and is available in sizes 6 to 18 inches. To work with a French wrench, you need to adjust the size of its jaw with the help of the adjusting nut according to the nut that is to be closed or opened, then place the jaw of the wrench completely on the nut and start turning the wrench.

11. Allen wrench

Many people may mistakenly think that having an Allen wrench is not necessary in the house until one day they encounter Allen screws in car repair, bicycle, and so on. An Allen wrench is a small and simple tool similar to the letter L in English with a hexagon HEX cross-section. The hexagon head of this wrench is placed in the hexagon screws and like a screwdriver opens and closes them. Allen wrenches are available in a variety of sizes from 1.5 millimeters and above, and to use them, the size of the wrench must match the size of the diameter of the screw head.

12. Oiler

Most of the time, you need an oiler to lubricate surfaces, door hinges, oil the air conditioner in summer, bicycle chain, inside the engine, car, and so on. These tools work on a suction and pumping mechanism and have a lever, an oil outlet with a hose, and an oil reservoir. An oiler is a very small tool and using it is very easy; just by pressing the lever, the oil will pour out of the reservoir onto the desired surfaces.

13. Safety glasses

When working with all cutting, abrasive, and drilling tools such as a drill, angle grinder, and so on, wearing safety glasses is completely necessary. Unfortunately, many people forget to use safety glasses, and with just a simple incident such as a flying burr, chips from drilling wood and metal.

14. Garden scissors

The next popular model of scissors can be various types of garden scissors. Cutting and trimming trees, cleaning flowers and plants, whether in a greenhouse or terrace on pots and whether in the yard on trees, requires a special garden shear. The diversity in this group of products is so high that for every need, the correct and desired model of flower and plant scissors is available for every user.

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15. Bow saw

The best tool suitable for a home for cutting various pipes, square metal pieces, iron, sheet metals, etc. is the bow saw. This tool is a hand tool with a metal bow and a flat iron saw blade equipped with a handle and is very easy to use. The bow saw is not suitable for cutting very thick metals and steel and hard goods; but when working with it for cutting thin iron, etc., you will see how easily and in a few minutes, that piece will be cut.

All you have to do is use regular and unidirectional reciprocating motion when working with a bow saw and concentrate; also, the blade of the iron saw bow must be completely sharp, high-quality, and healthy and must be properly installed on the bow.

16. Flashlight

It is needless to say how much a flashlight will help any home user. Repairs in dark places, inspecting the warehouse, terrace, and room, repairs inside the car, lighting the surface of the repairable part, etc. are all uses of a flashlight. In addition, this device is essential in the event of a power outage and a city-wide power outage. Flashlights usually work with AA and AAA batteries, and their brightness depends on the battery voltage and the power of the LED lamp.

17. Soldering iron

The act of soldering occurs for everyone in life. Soldering is a tin connection that exists in some digital devices such as remote controls, chargers, headphones, etc. and the connection wires of these devices are connected to the kit inside the part with the help of solder and high heat. Sometimes the charger wire or the headphone wire comes out of these devices or breaks; the electric soldering iron by creating heat at the end of the device and with the help of melting the solder, can reconnect this disconnected connection to that device twice. Working with a soldering iron requires a little experience and practice, but using it after a while will be very easy.

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18. Scraper

To remove dirt, glue, paint, etc. that are stuck to surfaces such as glass, wood, cabinets, ceramic and tiles, having a scraper at home is very helpful. Scrapers have a short or long handle and a very thin and wide blade. The scraper is placed on the surface of the glass or any other object, and without damaging the surface of the part, the foreign object and the dirt stuck to it is peeled off and cleaned. Usually after every painting and painting, or during the Persian New Year and the new year, when some dirt is stuck to the surfaces of the house and are not easily separated, a scraper is an excellent tool and option for cleaning.

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19. Consumable tools

In addition to the materials mentioned above, various consumable products are also considered to be useful tools in the home. In fact, some tools and devices are incomplete without these consumable items. Some of the consumable tools that can be used in the home include:

  • Various types of glue: liquid glue, wood glue, drop glue, instant glue, 1, 2, 3 glue, stone glue, electrical tape
  • Teflon tape for insulation of plumbing connections, faucets, and sink connections
  • Lubricant spray for loosening screws and rusty connections
  • Dry and greasy spray for cleaning remote controls, digital devices, game controllers, etc.
  • Matte and clear spray paint in different colors
  • Nails, screws, and lag screws
  • Nuts and washers
  • Various drill bits for metal, wood, and diamond wall bits
  • Various oils for cars, bicycles, and motors

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In this article, we introduced a brief overview of all the tools needed in the home. You see that with any lifestyle and lifestyle, no matter where you are in the country or city, you will need these tools.

It’s never too late to become a technical person and do simple repairs at home! Therefore, if you need to buy hand tools or buy any household electrical appliance, you can refer to Taleb Kasimy Trading co. and with free consultation and express delivery, be sure to choose quality tools and enjoy your repairs.

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